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The Rejuvenation Review is your first step in promoting wellness.  It consists of 4 parts.  The goal of this Review is to get an accurate picture of your current state, define clear and achievable goals, and layout a gameplan for improving health and educating about a lifestyle of wellness.

Before your first appointment you fill out a complete health, diet, and lifestyle questionnaire.  This is expected to be received by the office no later than 1 business day prior to the initial meeting.  It takes about 25-30 minutes to fill out.

The First Appointment lasts about 30 Minutes.  During this session, follow up questions are asked to get a more accurate picture of your state of health.  You will establish clear goals for where you want to go.

The Second Appointment lasts about 30 minutes.  During this session your current state is established, achievable goals are clearly defined, and a clear course of action to achieve those goals is laid out.

From the second appointment, either a follow up visit will be scheduled or recommendations to join a Rejuvenation Plan is typically given in order to achieve those goals.

For for more information about the Rejuvenation Review, or to schedule a Review for yourself, you can email or call us at (540) 929-0566.

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