6 Week Rejuve. Transformation

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The 6 Week Rejuvenation Transformation will help you significantly improve your state of wellness.  It is designed to help you begin a complete transformation of your health and consists of 5 sessions.  The purpose of these sessions will be to help you in making beneficial lifestyle changes through coaching in nutrition and lifestyle habits.  This program will typically include the 10 Day Express Detox, and it may include extended time for detoxification.  You will be encouraged to take ownership of your health and to develop the habit of self education during the process.

During the First Appointment the reasons for the wellness plan and course of the 4 week program are clearly be laid out.  Goals and expectations of the program will be set.

The Second, Third, and Fourth Appointments are a follow up for continual coaching and help during the program.  They provide accountability, education, and motivation. Each week literature is given for further reading (usually one chapter or one article), lifestyle changes and challenges for the week are given or chosen, and questions are answered.

During the Fifth Appointment Feedback and a game plan for continuing in improving health and wellness are given.

For Questions about the 6 Week Rejuvenation Transformation, you can email info@RejuvenationHealth.com

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