2 Week Rejuvenation Jumpstart

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The 2 Week Rejuvenation Jump Start consists of 3 sessions.  This program will typically include the 10 Day Express Detox, but it may not.  The purpose will be to give a boost to people that already have a decent level of health and help them in continuing to make beneficial lifestyle choices.

During the First Appointment the reasons for detoxification, the benefits of detoxification and the course of the 2 week program are clearly laid out.  You are given literature on the process as well.  Goals and Expectations of the program are set.

Note that detoxification is not always a part of the 2 Week Rejuvenation JumpStart.

During the  2 weeks you receive  regular emails that provide education and encouragement, and you are given literature to assist in the program.

The Second Appointment is a follow up for continual coaching and help during the program.

The Third Appointment is continual coaching but also feedback and a further game plan for continuing in improving health and wellness.

For Questions about the 2 Week Rejuvenation JumpStart, you can email Jon@RejuvenationHealth.com

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