10 Day Rejuvenation Detox

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The Rejuvenation Detox is for people in a relatively good state of health and wellness to detoxify their body.  It consists of 2 sessions, along with daily emails, and educational materials.

During the First Appointment the reasons for detoxification, the benefits of detoxification and the course of the 10 day program are clearly laid out.  Goals and Expectations of the program are set.

During the 10 days you receive daily emails that provide education and encouragement, and you will be given literature to assist with this in the program as well.

The Second Appointment is a follow up once the 10 days are complete to get feedback and offer assistance for continuing to improve wellness.

A few nutritional supplements are typically recommended primarily for restoring intestinal flora and detoxifying the liver.  Additional supplements may be purchased for meal replacement during the program.

*The 10 Day Rejuvenation Detox will not be recommended for people in very poor states of health and wellness, and may be incorporated into any of the other programs.

For Questions about the 10 Day Rejuvenation Detox, you can email Jon@RejuvenationHealth.com

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