Rejuvenation Plans

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Rejuvenation Plans are designed to implement the personalized game plan for improving health and wellness that is recommended during the second part of the Rejuvenation Review.  The plans range in length from 10 days to 6 weeks.

During the plans you are given personalized, one-on-one coaching on a weekly and every other week basis.  These sessions provide accountability, education, and motivation.  Each week literature is given for further reading (usually one to three chapters from a recommended book or one article), lifestyle changes and challenges for the week are given or chosen, and questions are answered.  You will be encouraged to take ownership of your health and to develop the habit of self education during the process.  Additionally, you receive  regular emails that provide education and encouragement.

The programs typically include the  10 Day Rejuvenation Detox, but do not have to, and may include extended time for detoxification.

When a Rejuvenation Plan is completed, feedback and a game plan for continuing in improving health and wellness are given.

For Questions about our Rejuvenation plans, you can email, or call us at (540)929-0566.

10 Day Rejuvenation Detox

2 Week Rejuvenation JumpStart

6 Week Rejuvenation Transformation

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