Every Bite of Food You Eat Either Increases or Reduces Inflammation in Your Body

Every bite of food you put into your mouth will either increase or reduce inflammation.  If you have “good genes”- whatever that means, then you may handle pro-inflammatory foods better than other folks around you.  However, for the majority of people inflammatory diseases such as fibromyalgia,...

Foods That Make You Go “OUCH!” – These 5 foods will increase your joint pain!

These 5 Foods will increase inflammation in your body and cause you to ache more 1) Sodas- Diet, Regular, Any Kind 2) Fried Foods 3) Candy Bars (High Fructose Corn Syrup) 4) White Bread (and any other White/Processed/Boxed Grain) 5) Crisco & Cooked Olive Oil (Artificial and Trans Fats)