Sports Nutrition Seminar

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Nutrition affects every aspect of being an athlete: muscle mass, body fat, recovery, mental clarity, endurance, performance, strength, sleep, emotional states, and energy levels.  If this piece is not an essential part of your training and coaching, you and your team may be losing games or performing poorly in a very correctable area. 

During a Sports Performance Through Nutrition Seminar, Jon Copper- who himself has practiced high level sports nutrition for over a decade- will explain to you and your athletes the essentials of how nutrition affects every aspect of your play.

A Seminar Includes:

A Good Nutrition Foundation
Proper Hydration
General Eating Recommendations 
—Foods to Increase in Your Diet
—Foods to Decrease in Your Diet

Sports Specific Nutrition Including
—Weight Loss and Weight Gain
—Preventing Muscle Loss and Increasing Muscle Gain
—Eating for Optimal Energy
—Pre-Game Nutrition and Hydration for Peak Performance
—During Workout/Game Eating and Hydration
—Post Workout Recovery

Supplements- Sifting through the Hype and Marketing
—The Facts and the Myths
—What’s Safe and What’s Dangerous
—What’s Banned and What Isn’t.

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“Growing up, despite my parents requests otherwise, I made very poor choices in my diet.  I mainly ate white bread, sugar, and meat.  That all changed when I met Dave Meyer who had just finished an offseason with the Indianapolis Colts.  He let me read his NFL training camp manual which talked about the importance of diet and nutrition for athletes.  As I read, my whole outlook on what I was eating changed.  I was never the biggest or the fastest player, but the things I began learning and applying about nutrition helped give me numerous advantages in strength, energy, performance and recovery over my competitors and I have considered my knowledge of nutrition one of the biggest factors in my ability to play sports at a high level.”

-Three year starter and

three year leading tackler

Jon Copper

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