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Care of the soul, healing of the body, diet, stress, and exercise are things that in our present day are compartmentalized.  You have a different person or organization that addresses each- there is very little integration or overlap.  You go to the gym to get your exercise, church to learn about God, Weight Watchers to lose weight, the doctor to treat your arthritis, and your counselor to work out your stress and bitterness.

If you read the gospels, whenever Jesus addresses the health of an individual, He addresses the spiritual as well.  The idols of our hearts, what we eat, how we treat our bodies, our need for redemption, the scripture’s declaration to pray for the sick, and God’s identity as the Healer of all things are all woven together.

At Rejuvenation Health, we believe all these things are a part of wellness.

Jon has a comprehensive and thoroughly Biblical view of Health and Healing.  If you would like him to come speak to your church or Christian organization, you can email

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