Speaking & Seminars

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Jon has had the opportunity to speak to over 10,000 during his career on a variety of topics.  He has spoken to at schools in all ages, churches, gyms, corporate groups, sports teams, and seminars for the general public.  With an engaging personality, and fascinating content, Jon may be a great fit to come speak to your organization.  Topics may include but are not limited to:

“Nation of Inflammation: Why the Foods You Eat Cause the Pain You Feel”

“Zero Calorie Obsession: Have Our Low Fat & Zero Calorie Foods Made Us Fatter & More Diseased?”

“Dead Athletes Don’t Lie (your excercise might just kill you?)”

“What Would Jesus Eat? (How the Gospel Transforms your view of self, health, and food)”

“Sports Performance Through Nutrition”  

“Why Most Diets Don’t Work (It’s not just the Calories that Count!)”  

“The Bible and Health”

For more information you can contact jon through email: Jon@RejuvenationHealth.com

Sports Performance Through Nutrition Seminar

The Bible and Health Seminar