Rejuvenation Health Featured in Roanoke Daily Deal

Rejuvenation Health Featured in Roanoke Daily Deal

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Did 2011 feel like you got knocked out by a linebacker?  If so, then today’s daily deal from The Back Resort & Rejuvenation Health Center is going to start your new year off right.  Choose from 4 different packages starting at only $24.

Each package includes a 45 Minute Therapeutic Massage. Get this by itself for $24, or along with a full chiropractic exam, x-rays, and treatment for $34.

Too much junk in the trunk from the Holidays?  Add on to that massage a full Nutrition and Lifestyle assessment with the Wellnes Coach- former Timesland athlete of the year and 3 year leading tackler at UVA Jon Copper.  Also $34.

Or Just go all in and get all 3 options for only $44 (best value!)

Ever been on a diet, and then quit?  Ever had poor health in a particular area, and gotten overwhelmed by all the “helpful” information you can find at Barnes & Nobles or on the internet?  Do you ever wish you had someone that could help you sift through all the hype and advice, help you clearly assess and define where you are at, help you set achievable goals for where you need to go, and provide you with motivation and accountability along the way?  If you are thinking that would help, then the Nutrition and Lifestyle assessment with Jon Copper is for you.

Since finishing his football career, Jon has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds by helping people like you make positive lifestyle changes to improve your health in all areas.  Whether the goal is to lose weight, reduce inflammation, improve energy, or increase your athletic performance, getting a personal gameplan for your health from him will only move you in the right direction.

Regularly voted as one of Roanoke’s top chiropractors, Dr. Davidson and Dr Jenson have a combined over 50 years experience of keepin’ your spine aligned.  To your health in 2012!

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